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Faygo: what exactly is it? Faygo is a super cheap soda-pop beverage, whose homequarters rest in Detroit, Michigan. The Insane Clown Posse have been spraying Faygo all over the Juggalos at live shows for what seems an eternity but in reality only goes back a few years ago. I.C.P. drank the Faygo soda-pop when they were kids because it was cheap, and there was so many different refreshing flavors and a varieties to choose from. One day at an I.C.P. concert, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope were doing synchronized dance steps and Shaggs fucked up, so J grabbed a two liter of Faygo and bashed it over Shaggy's head, and thus the war began. Juggalos everywhere were on stage throwing Faygo, gettin' live. And so from then on, at every Insane Clown Posse concert, Faygo is thrown all over the willing crowd, and everybody seems to enjoy it, go nuts, and have just a straight up fresh time. That is the history of how the Insane Clown Posse and Faygo cola are connected.

MORE... . .

Juggalos, the fans of I.C.P., know that the only soda that matters is the Detroit-based ghetto-pop known as Faygo. I.C.P. grew up drinking Faygo. Faygo is also referred to as "the poor man's pop", "ghetto pop", etc. because it is cheap as hell. At concerts, I.C.P. has big guns and super-soakers which spray out Faygo. It is nearly impossible at an I.C.P. show not to get drenched in the sweet beverage. I.C.P. raps about Faygo in "Southwest Voodoo", "Just Like That", "I Want My Shit", "My Kind of Bitch", and "Blaaam!!!" to just name a few. Faygo is available all over the United States. The Faygo company denies any connection or envolvement with Psychopathic Records or the I.C.P., even though Psychopathic has brought tons of business to the Faygo company. They declare themselves to be a family-based beverage company.

There has been quite an amount of debate as to exactly when and why I.C.P. started spraying Faygo at concerts. In Mutilation Mix's "The History of I.C.P... Or is it?", it says "7/2/93 - At a concert in Detroit, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope performed a synchronized dance a la Hammer. Realizing how wack they looked the two began spraying Faygo soda all over each other instead. The crowd loves it and thus begins the "Faygo Frenzy".

In Jelly Nut's "Alone with Violent J" interview, J talked about Faygo: "At the time, Run DMC always talked about Adidas and The Beastie Boys would mention White Castle Hamburgers in their songs. So we started mentioning Faygo cause we always had some and it was our own little trademark for our crew. This was the opening line to the song... "We're the JJ Boys on the microphone stand, and we're kickin' it live with a Faygo in our hand." I Still remember that shit."

Is that how the Faygo came about?

"I Don't know mother fucker. Who the fuck cares. The Faygo was always there. Everybody always ask me that. We just drink allot of it cause its mad cheap and they got hundreds of crazy ass flavors. Fuck that question. We used to do graffiti on walls and we were called 'The Krylon Boys", that was our graffiti crew's name. My tag name was Faygo Joe cause I always drank that shit."

How it all started...

As many juggalos know, Faygo started as a small soda company with only three basic flavors, and has grown to a nationwide company with a wide variety of flavors. Here you can check out all the flavors that are out, and all the flavors you need to try. All flavors with a " * " next to them are flavors that are commonly thrown during ICP's shows. The ICP are known to change them up a lot, but these are the most common flavors.

Faygo Flavors
Black Cherry Orange
Black Raspberry Peach
Cola* Pineapple Orange
Creme Soda Redpop*
Cherry Cola Rock and Rye
Fruit Punch Root Beer*
Ginger Ale Sensation
Grape Strawberry
Honeydew Mist St Nicks Cranberry
Jazzin Blues Berry St Nicks Cola
Kiwi Strawberry St Nicks Ginger Ale
Moonmist* Twist
Morning Mist

Diet Faygo Flavors
Diet Cherry Berry Diet Raspberry Creme
Diet Chocolate Creme Diet Redpop
Diet Cola Diet Rock and Rye
Diet Frosh Diet Root Beer*
Diet Ginger Ale Diet Seltzer Water
Diet Grape Diet Sensation
Diet Orange Diet Twist
Diet Pineapple Orange Diet Tonic Water

Non Carbonated Faygo
Ohana Lemon Iced Tea Ohana Fruit Punch
Ohana Lemonade Ohana Orange Punch
Ohana Mango Tango

Faygo Sparkling Water
Sparkling Grapefruit Sparkling Raspberry
Sparkling Lemon Lime Sparkling Water
Sparkling Orange

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